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Clinical Cases of Prosthodorntics

IPS e.max® CAD

IPS e.max® CAD its aesthetic qualities, while also giving all the advantages of CAD/CAM manufacture including accurate fit and consistent quality. Strength after sintering or crystallization is 530 MPa. No need for manual production, suitable for rapid production with CAD/CAM, In lab 2-3 hours to complete, minimally invasive clinical preparation or even no tooth preparation, ultra-thin thickness 0.2mm, various transparency and color Meet different aesthetic restoration needs,ideal material for veneers as it exhibits aesthetic properties of both translucency and opalescence.

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VITA SUPRINITY  With good transparency, fluorescence and opalescent effect, VTA SUPRINTY dental ceramics can be used in aesthetic aspects, including inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers and single crowns of anterior and posterior teeth and single implant upper restorations.

Dentsply Sirona Celtra Duo

Dentsply Sirona Celtra Duo provides excellent edge stability, Natural opalescence, The high light conductivity and shade adaptation of  in conjunction with the remaining natural teeth and the pronounced opalescence create the desired chameleon effect.

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