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Our Dental Removables Can Beautify Your Smile

Do you want to see a beautiful smile in your patients? We offer you the best dental removables to protect the smile of your patients forever.

As a reputed dentist, you would not want to put on artificial replacements when your patient/s lacks one or two teeth. Our products ensure that your patients can wear a smile on their faces every time without the fear of fall or slide or shift as artificial replacements.

Dental Prosthesis

Such dental removables are used to replace missing teeth or teeth and restore proper functioning. They act as great replacements to cover any sort of tooth imperfections. The best part is they don’t need much care and attention over time other than just maintaining dental hygiene regularly.

Your patients will get back the confidence to smile with our Dental Bridges. We use varied materials to make the finest Prosthesis for your patients. The materials include All-Ceramic, FMS, and PFM in varied alloys and metals.

A dental Prosthesis is a great way to replace a missing tooth or teeth. With our Dental Prosthesis, your patients can enjoy several benefits. They

  • Restore smile
  • Make one capable to chew food properly
  • Maintain the look on your face
  • Restore pronunciation and speech
  • Re-adjust proper bite for equal force distribution while one chews
  • Prevent your current tooth from slipping away off its exact position

We offer different types of Dental Prostheses such as

  • Removable Partial Dentures Unlike Bridges, they are easily removable. They are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth.
  • Full Dentures They are used to replace the whole missing teeth in the lower or upper arch either supported by the muscles of gum or secured by implants.

Removable Orthodontic Appliances

The name says all. Removable Orthodontic Appliances can de be defined as the ones to be easily removed from the mouth as they are not attached to teeth. We customize removable orthodontic appliances as per the size of the mouth of your patients. Our products can offer you several benefits including

  • Can correct easy malocclusions
  • Helps your straightened teeth sit perfectly in a new position
  • Restores speech and pronunciation
  • Restores eating ability
  • Improves overall appearance
  • Improves smile

Our removable orthodontic appliances include the following

  • Retainers They are used for regular post-treatment following the elimination of braces to keep one’s straightened teeth in the new position.
  • Removable Space Maintainer The device is used to fill in the gaps before the emergence of the permanent tooth.

Find Us Here

Settled in the district of Bao’an in Shenzen in China, we are a reputed dental laboratory that has been delivering the best products to our customers since date back to 2002. Being an industry expert, we offer all kinds of dental services for oral restoration.

At Bright Dental Lab, we use quality materials to make different products such as different dental removable, veneers, implants & 3D printing. Headed by the CEO Dr. Yang, our team of dental experts has long years of experience and significant contributions in the field of dentistry.

Our HR Manager Miss Luo ensures hiring the dental experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in making the finest products with different materials.

Over the years, we have served several dentists and still, we continue to offer the best of our products and services. Our team of experts always stays updated with advanced technologies to make quality products and serve clients with the best under our Quality Director Mr. Huang.

We always strive to satisfy the dentists with our products and services and since then no looking back.

Why We

Since 2002 we have offered the finest quality of oral restoration in the dental lab all over the world. Our list of clients has continued to expand rapidly with more than half-million satisfactory and successful cases.

We are certified by Medical Device Product Registration, U.S. Food and Drug Administration Registration, and International Certification.

Our team of experts offers different types of dental removables. We offer services in more than 92 countries and have served around 16841 clients. We have good numbers of customers who are not only satisfied with our quality products and services but also given good reviews.

We have a full team of experienced and trained technicians who deliver the best to keep our clients happy and satisfied as always. Our technicians develop customized treatment plans to aid your patients and improve their overall aesthetic appearance and smile.

We are a one-stop streamlined industry service to our clients. Our quality control expert checks the standard of quality and this is why we ensure a 6-year warranty on our products.

We don’t stop here. At Bright Dental Lab, we offer the post-sales service for free. Our professional and customer-oriented management helps us offer excellent quality products to our clients.

Our creative team of experts uses advanced technologies. Filled with CAD & CAM technology, our dental lab is a one-stop solution to provide the best of dental products like dental removables, implants and bridges, and others.

Our Product Features

Dental Removables

The dental removables are the perfect replacement against one missing tooth or teeth. In this scenario, a patient can live with one set of natural teeth with a different set of artificial teeth. They are convenient to use.

Advanced Technology

Our team of experts is updated with current trends and uses CAD & CAM technology to make the finest of products.

Materials We Use

We have a team of quality control experts who check the quality of All-Ceramics, FMC, and PFM and produce the best products ever.

Customized Treatment Plans

Our clients have always been a priority. And this is why our expert technicians always meet up to the expectations of clients. We always customize our products as per the need of our clients.

Our Services

We provide after-sales service at NO cost to our clients.


We are certified by the Medical Device Product Registration, U.S. Food and Drug Administration Registration, and International Certification. We have CE marks that ensure Environmental Requirements, European Health, and Safety Performance.

Get in Touch With Us

Fill in the details as you are asked in the Contact Form and then we will get back to you. Or contact us at CN +86-138-2352-9341 and HK +852-90697255 and fax at +86-755-86526907.

You can also contact us through [email protected]. Get our details from different social networking sites as Twitter, Facebook, Google Account & LinkedIn.