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we made all kinds of crowns and bridges , PFM , ALL CEREMIC, FMC varies in different material and alloy .
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We do dentistry differently for dentists to makeover smile

Want to improve the bite and smile of your patients? Our dental crown and bridges ensure a giant leap of confidence for that.

As a dentist, you are likely to recommend artificial replacements when the patient does not have a tooth or two. These are removable. It is why they can slide, shift, and fall. Dental crowns and bridges override this problem and ensure a great smile.

Dental Crowns

Sometimes a patient has damaged teeth, and fillings cannot resolve the issue. The dentists use dental crowns for that. It involves putting caps on damaged, or weak, or decaying teeth. They sit around the tooth and cover it up completely. Dental crowns also help to restore appearance, shape and protect the teeth. Even when a patient has a dental implant for a missing tooth, the dentists have to cover it up with a dental crown. Our dental crowns are made of PFM (plastic fused to metal), all-ceramic, and FMC varying in different metals and alloys. The best thing about these is no special care besides regular health hygiene is needed. Dental crowns can adequately solve many problems and have the following benefits:

  • They give good support to damaged teeth.
  • Protect a worn-out tooth from further decay.
  • Ensure protection after a root canal procedure.
  • Help to hold teeth together
  • Can cover a dental implant
  • Improve the appearance.

Dental bridges

Many adults have missing teeth, and these bar amazing smiles. When a patient suffers from this, our dental bridges can restore the look and function. Our dental bridges are perfect to replace the missing teeth of dental patients. Like dental crowns, different materials and metals are used in dental bridges. Our dental bridges are also made of PFM (plastic fused to metal), all-ceramic, and FMC varying in different metals and alloys. Dental bridges replace missing teeth with one or more artificial or false teeth. They have crowns on either side for support. These crowns can be fixed on existing teeth. Dental pros recommend this based on the individual needs.

Dental bridges have many benefits:

  • They restore your bite and smile
  • Improves the ability to speak
  • Maintain the face profile
  • Prevent drifting of remaining teeth

Our footprint

Based in Shenzhen, China, we are an all-service dental laboratory for oral rehabilitation. Since we are founded in 2002, we are providing industry-leading dental crown and bridges, implants, veneers, removable, orthodontics, and 3D printing.
We have a team of certificated and experienced dental experts who work under the able leadership of our CEO Dr. Yang. He has over two decade’s experience in dentistry and dental prosthetics and made significant contributions. Our team members also have vast experience and made an immense contribution to our growth.
At Bright Dental Lab, our aim and objective are to provide the dentists with quality products they deserve. We always look for new technologies for delivering highly functional dental crowns and bridges to support dentists.

Why we

We provide multiple types of dental crowns and bridges. Our services span over 92 countries, and we have served 16841 clients. We have 88362 services supplied to our credit. Our numbers of satisfied customers are 16589, and they speak volumes about the quality of services rendered.

At bright Dental Lab, we feel proud of our stellar services, top-notch quality, and range of dental products. We offer superior products with cutting-edge technologies. When dentists look for a ground-breaking dental solution, there is everything for them.

From raw material to production, testing, quality assurance, we follow international quality management systems.

We always aim to provide dentists with precision and premium quality. Our experts are always passionate to support the practices of dentists. That is why they place repeat orders for their need of restorative and preventive products. Their spontaneous referral has fattened our list of satisfied customers.

The dimensions, tolerances, and material are immensely important for dental procedures. We have a fully equipped lab with designated places for porcelain-building, glazing, implant, CAD & CAM, and removable department.

Our innovative CAD & CAM (Computer-aided design & Computer-aided manufacturing) have changed the dental restoration landscape to the next level. By using CAD & CAM technology we produce the highest quality dental crowns and bridges for dentists. It helps to improve restoration quality and delivers a natural appearance. Moreover, it helps us to provide excellent support and superior solutions in every case.

We have a team of experienced professionals. We offer our global dentist clientele the best-in-the-market dental crowns, bridges, and other products.

Some of our product features

PFM crowns and bridges

Restorative dentistry ensures aesthetics and functions to the damaged, decayed, or missing teeth. Among the various types of dental materials, porcelain fused to metal or PFM holds an important position. These have metal interiors and porcelain exteriors.

PFM bridges have the color of the tooth. Because of the use of metal-core, they are durable and last longer. Different types of metal and alloys are used to make them for ensuring strength.

PFM Crowns are fabricated with different metals and alloys. The metallic part forms the core, and the exterior is made of porcelain. It ensures greater strength and improved aesthetics.

Zirconia abutment

Zirconia abutments are alternatives to metal implant abutments. Because of the white color of zirconia, it is hardly noticeable and, therefore, ensures an improved look.

All ceramics

Our all-ceramic dental products offer near-invisible tooth restorations and help one achieve a sparkling natural smile. They also help to improve dental functions.

Our certifications

We are authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We also have ISO13485: 2003 certification authorized by NQA. This ensures conformance to the customer and regulatory requirements for medical devices.

Moreover, we have CE (Conformité Européenne) marks. Our products comply with the European health, safety, performance, and environmental requirements.

Want to contact us?

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We are available by phone at CN +86-138-2352-9341 and HK +852-90697255. You can also fax to +86-755-86526907 or email us at [email protected]

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