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Technology is developing a lot and in recent times there are lots of industries that have adopted 3D technologies. In today’s dentist industry, the dental lab is using a wide variety of digital applications, and them; the most important application is 3D printing.
3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing and this technology was introduced in 1980. Now many of the dental labs started to practice 3D technology to process 3D in the STL format.

3DP technologies in the dental industry:

3DP printing devices are mainly used to process computer-aided images of the objects that need to be fabricated. Using the dental 3DP it is possible to synthesize material of different sizes, colors, and thicknesses. Even you can synthesize products using different types of materials.
The dental 3DP is used in many fields such as modeling, fabrication, restorative dentist, orthodontics, and instrumental manufacturing. If we have the dental 3DP in your place, then it is possible to make products layers by layers and even the dentist fabricate a tissue-like structure.
There are lots of advantages if we use dental 3DP in our place as we can reduce the wastage, and also while processing we will be using different kinds of techniques but in 3DP the techniques will be minimized.

Our footprint:

The Bright dental lab offers all kinds of services for the oral rehabilitation dental laboratory. Our company was founded in 2002 and it was based in Shenzhen, China. If you are looking for a place to grab all kinds of well-developed and high-quality dental 3dp products then our site will be the best place to visit.
All our products are processed by professional and experienced health experts and we are working under the leadership of Dr.Yang. He has wide experience in the dental industry and also he is working in the industry for more than two decades. Dr.Yang along with our team made a lot of contributions to the dental industry.
Our main goal and objective are to provide all kinds of products and services to dentists living all over the world. All our products will be high-quality and made of new technologies by promoting growth in the dental industry.

Why we?

In recent times, technology is getting a rapid growth and we can see a lot of dental services offered by the different companies. If you still think about why you need to choose us, then get to know about us. We are offering our services to more than 92 countries and satisfied 16841 clients all around the world. The clients will love our products as they will get a wide variety of choices and we provide customized products according to the client’s needs. Our services will satisfy all kinds of dental needs and all our products are made of superior advanced technologies and top-notch quality. Our site is for all the dentists who are looking for a solution to all their dental needs.
The processing of all our products will follow the international quality management system starting from the raw material to production, testing, and quality assurance. Our main aim is to provide premium and precision quality products and we are always passionate to process products that will help the dentist to practice.
The job of the dentist is critical as they need to follow the dental procedures carefully so our lab is fully equipped with various departments such as glazing, implant, CAD and CAM, and removable department. The CAD and CAM technology will take the restoration level to the next level as it will offer a natural appearance that will be similar to the original teeth.
Along with this, our customer services are experienced professionals so we will offer solutions to all your queries and handle clients all over the world.

Some of our products:

  • 3D printer

On our site, you can find the high-quality and excellent performing 3DP which is used to manufacture different kinds of dental needs. Based on your patient’s needs and comfort, the dentist can process the products. This 3DP offers higher speed, accuracy, productivity, and the total cost of operation will be low.

  • Crowns and bridges

One of the most important things to consider in the 3DP crowns and bridges is to process them with higher accuracy. So, we are offering solid structured crowns and bridges based on the client’s needs and comfort. Also, the products offered by the bright dental lab are easy to clean and will come for a longer period.

  • Denture

The processing of 3DP dentures will take a lot of time and also the processing step is difficult. But on our site, we are offering 3DP dentures that will be properly lined up in your mouth and even will offer high comfort.

  • Impression trays

Using the 3DP, the processing of impression trays can be made easily. Also, our site will offer customized impression trays to all our clients based on their needs and demands. Our impression will provide accurate and precise results and also it will high comfort while placing in the patient’s mouth.

Our certifications:

Our company is authorized by the U.S. FDA or Food and Drug Administration. Also, we are having a certification that is authorized by the NQA that is ISO13485:20003. Now you will trust our services more as you know we are into the customer and regulatory requirements of medical devices.
Apart from all these things, we have CE or Conformite Europeenne marks and this is to ensure all our clients that all our products will come with utmost safety, health, performance, and other medical requirements.

Contact us:

Do you want to contact us? Just fill the contact form and send us a message. We will get back to you and chat to answer all your queries.

We are available by phone at CN +86-138-2352-9341 and HK +852-90697255. You can also fax to +86-755-86526907 or email us at [email protected]

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